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WHo WE are

Liberalist International Association is a 501(c)(3) Educational Non-Profit organization. We’re a grass-roots, volunteer-based organization that receives funding solely through donations—that seeks to help provide resources and organizational capacity to various regional Liberalist groups, the world over. We have no strict political affiliation, and operate solely with the intent to help educate people about the seven Liberalist principles and their value to society, as well as oppose any legislation possible that runs counter to these principles.

We have worked with various organizations already, including helping to sponsor Mythcon, an annual summit in Milwaukee of Free-Thinkers who engage in open debate, and recently hosting a protest in Belgium against Articles 11 & 13 with De Liberalisten (Dutch & Flemish Liberalist group), and The Liberalist Association of Spain.

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This statement of principles is a list of the values that Liberalists hold as ideals. We also recognize that we live in the real world and that no set of principles can ever be fully realised, but promoting this worldview will produce a demonstrably better society than the current alternatives.

Individual Rights
Protecting the rights of the individual must be the highest value of society, to foster mutual tolerance and respect towards the cultivation of the dignity of every person.

Constitutional democracy is the best way for a free citizenry to maintain a state and resist tyranny.

Economic Freedom
Property rights that begin with personal self-ownership and private property creates the most productive societies.

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of expression is a necessary and fundamental pillar of a free society.

People possess agency and should be treated as such because treating people like victims becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Blind Justice
Each individual should be governed by the same laws as their peers without arbitrary discrimination and be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a fair trial.

Everybody is free to practice their religion, or not, as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others.