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Regional Organizations

The following is a list of various regional Liberalist groups and organizations throughout the world.
If your regional group is missing or you're interested in starting up a regional group, email us at 

Liberalists - UK

Liberalists UK is a not-for-profit organisation advocating for the seven Liberalist principles,
wherein the liberty and freedom of the individual is of paramount importance.
Liberalists UK are engaged in promoting these values in Government, Law and the Public Discourse for the benefit of every British citizen.
A future built on Liberalist principles is one where an individual’s freedom is only limited when they encroach on the freedoms of others.


De Liberalisten (Dutch speaking)

The Liberalists of the Netherlands and Flanders is a political advocacy group with the goal of
creating a freer and more publicly accountable Netherlands and Belgium.
To do so, we want to make the public aware of the principles of Liberalism, as well as
the current and past attacks upon these principles. Furthermore, we wish to
guarantee everyone equal representation under the law and to take a firm stand against political extremism.
We believe that the only way this can be achieved is through ethical, honest, and democratic means.


Liobáralachaigh na hÉireann (Ireland)

Liberalists Ireland is an association of liberals based in the Republic of Ireland.
Our mission is to spread liberal principles and values within our republic.
To defend our nation's democracy and citizen’s liberty against groups & institutions intent
on limiting our freedoms and rights for personal gain.
We plan to engage with our communities, to reach out & support reasoned causes & individuals.
To help shape a more honest & robust government. To call on our representatives to remember that it is us they represent.
We fear that the values of liberty are being eroded around the world and that if we as a nation are not vigilant,
then we too will see the freedoms that make our nation so great become a thing of the past.


Asociación Liberalista Española (Spain)

We are a young Non-Profit organization dedicated to the fight for the seven
Liberalist principles within the Spanish borders. We are in constant lookout for
new members to bring new manpower and new points of view into the


Os Liberalistas (Brazil)

Our aim is to create a platform for our members to stand up against the suppression of our freedoms.
Our mission is to defend the individual rights of our people to secure their best interest in the face of
the rising collectivist mindset in the Tropics. We intend to integrate the three branches of government
and mobilize the "vox populi" in the most ethical, righteous and transparent way.

Canadian Liberalist Coalition

The Canadian Liberalist Coalition is a group of concerned citizens from all across the Great White North who seek to spread the seven principles of Liberalism to all those who seem to have forgotten what those principles are.

Our mission is first, to incorporate, to build support, and following that, build a framework for each province and territory to mobilize and do activism to create their own Liberalist groups, and spread our ideals to all who will listen. We feel that the term Liberal has come to lose its meaning in modern day speech in Canada, and as such, we must do our part to remind people where the word comes from and what it means


USA Liberalists


Association Libéraliste du Québec