The Rise of Radicals: An Investigation into Political Insurrection

Antifa riot/protests on January 20th, during Inauguration Day in Washington D.C., US. (Photo:  cantfightthetendies ) ( CC 2.0 )

Antifa riot/protests on January 20th, during Inauguration Day in Washington D.C., US. (Photo: cantfightthetendies) (CC 2.0)

This is an article that I took the time to make strictly for the use of educating those who are ignorant of the key figures of certain movements.

I merely wish to educate people by making it as easy as I can for them to learn and read into these movements and the people who run them. In these articles you will have links and sources, all meant to help provide you the reader information with ease.

But before we begin, I will explain what makes the current “Far Left” so “far,” due to the difference between definitions. The Far Left as we know it today, is set by specific views meant to dictate your actions, thoughts, and feelings. Far Left groups specifically tend to rely on ostracism to gain momentum, as well as smear campaigns to where they will label you as the personified form of an extreme political stance such as “Nazi” and “Fascist.” The Urban Dictionary describes this best as seen in this quote:

“Also known as the extreme left, ultra left or radical left. The Far Left most often includes anarchists and communists. The Far Left refers to the highest degree of leftism in politics and seeks perfect or near perfect equality. Often anti-property, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-liberal, and anti-conservative.

The most radical Left-wing parties in multi-party parliaments are often Far Left to some degree. A big part of the Far Left is anti-parliamentarians, though, and completely refuse to take part in parliamentary politics or even vote. This aspect of Far Leftism is especially prominent among anarchists, who prefer direct action and street-level militancy to boardroom politics.”

As seen in that description, it's clear that there is quite an easy to notice shift between the “Leftist” and “Far Left.” Leftists are just those who hold the values of most “Left Winged” individuals, whom still rely on discussions and civil actions, over street militant and other forms of radical actions. That being said, the next set of examples will be that of Far Left groups so you can see and compare.

In this installment, this will be more on Far Left groups such as the RCP “Revolutionary Communist Party”, ANTIFA, BAMN, and recently some others like Sweden's own Rev Front. For now we will focus on namely the RCP’s Chair “Bob Avakian.”

The reason why I have been researching this man, is due to his competence so far. He is articulated, well-spoken—comes off wholesome, presentable, and dignified in a Southern-traditional way. The kind of man you find easy to eat and drink with at first glance. But it is in his conveyance and clever wording that motivates groups through his followers like Yvette Felarca of BAMN, and Sunsara Taylor of RCP to cultivate and provide motivation to associated groups like the BLM, ANTIFA, and any others with shared Leninist and Maoist views.

For those who are curious so far if at all, here is a video from the “Battle for Berkeley, with Sunsara Taylor. A Talk and a Challenge to Debate”:

Now just to show you an immediate reference to who ANTIFA is and more, fast forward to “32:10” in the video so you can see Sunsara Taylor of the RCP speaking to the “Refuse Fascism Movement” that BAMN was associated with, detail how the RCP “Revolutionary Communist Party” plans to bring in their own constitution that is based on Communist values. And how it will provide you more than what the current constitution provides any other American.

In case you wish to completely rush to details in that video, here are marks that provide subjects for any and all who are only searching for quick details, but not the entire video:

  • Refusal to debate Coulter and opposing people such as Milo Yiannopoulos 10:30.

  • Taylor describes how Trump and white supremacists are firmly in power while explaining how they wish to silence "peaceful" protests 14:00.

  • Taylor attempts to explain how the Berkeley riots were not to silence free speech, but to only stop Fascists "Basically Ann Coulter, Milo, David Horowitz" 20:30

  • Taylor explains in a multi-faceted way, how fascists of the Trump regime already have platforms, thus do not need more due to how they put in efforts to discredit ANTIFA and her own views 27:40.

  • Taylor explains how "Refuse Fascists Movement" is meant to unify all, including Republicans, Democrats, Communists, Socialists, etc—then goes on to explain how she will not oppress or censor anyone once the RCP comes to power. She also offers copies of the "New Constitution of the Socialists Communists Party" Made by Bob Avakian 32:10.

  • A student from Berkeley asked if Taylor and ANTIFA knowingly or not, that Milo and more were asked by Conservative students to come to Berkeley, and that it was not them trying to stamp out Progressives 43:20.

  • An attendee at Event debates about Constitution with Taylor 49:50.

  • ANTIFA reference and more on Berkeley 1:08:55.

  • Justifications for Communism 1:15:40.

  • How ANTIFA is unified under more than just Communism 1:25:55.

  • Taylor gets questioned about her actions in Berkeley 1:32:30.

  • Borderline physical disruption and opinions on contradicting actions 1:36:45.

  • Juxtaposing the censorship of ANTIFA with past cases of censorship 1:40:15.

  • Discussing how a protester got arrested 1:46:40.

  • Question over guns being restricted and shouldn't a Revolution include them; and details on how the NRA are white supremacists 1:51:15.

  • Detailing homeless problems and how ANTIFA bled Berkeley of its budget to provide the homeless a place to stay, due to violent/peaceful protests resulting in police being paid overtime and draining the town budget 1:54:40.

  • Yvette Felarca says something at a low tone, as a question gets interrupted 1:56:40.

  • Sunsara Taylor makes the claim that Town budget was due to Milo Yiannopoulos and excuses ANTIFA and BAMN. 1:58:10.

  • ANTIFA begins telling Berkeley citizen to leave event 1:59:00.

  • Further disruptions 2:00:15.

  • Self-identified Hispanic woman talks of how ANTIFA and Sunsara rob her of her identity 2:03:15.

  • Last question being answered hypocritically and in a one-sided way 2:08:15.

There will be further research published here, though being solo only provides me what I myself can handle. So expect much more from here. As for the man Bob Avakian however, it's somewhat like describing a “Preacher at a Church.”