Bob Avakian: Personality of a Cult?

Bob Avakian at the Wall of Communards in Paris (1981)

Bob Avakian at the Wall of Communards in Paris (1981)

“Capitalism-imperialism is the real nightmare for humanity. And it's not even a good idea on paper. Second, where does this idea come from—that communism is a nightmare? It comes from the politicians who run this capitalist-imperialist system—from the people who decide and control what is and is not taught in the schools—” - Bob Avakian

To continue where we last left off, I must say, I do believe Bob is a gifted speaker. He talks openly on his beliefs, opinions, and experiences. He is jovial, yet sarcastic about his worries and those with opposing beliefs. He can make the people who listen to him in the room laugh or clap with joyful applause!

But the thing that strikes me the most when listening to his message, what I can say from just the videos on Revolution Talk alone, is that he comes off ever so subtly manipulative. Not in any way marked by ostentatious or overtly malicious intent, but still enough—just enough, to keep me on alert. He strings along capitalism as some abhorrent abomination—in a world that spurns human decency and behavior—where your desire for compensation motivates most to ignore the needs of many.

Allow me to provide a few examples of said video clips here.

Those 3 links impart some of Bob Avakian’s views on capitalism and the damage it allegedly causes. Now, on paper he comes off with a sunny enough disposition, but let us also not forget the people who represent him. The likes of Sunsara Taylor and Yvette Felarca, founders of BAMN and associates to ANTIFA, advertise his word out of sheer dedication and desire to spread his views and self-made constitution.

If you would like to read it for yourself, here is Bob Avakian’s vision for a new North American Socialist Republic.

After a through examination, I will vouch that it struggles with an “uphill battle” with so much of how it tries very hard to be better, yet still winds up mirroring most of the United States of America’s Constitution.

Before I continue, here’s a summary of the Table of Contents:

North America New Socialist Republic Constitution

The preamble describes the goal and purpose behind the constitution in regards to Bob Avakian's experiences and views of society. Specifically, it conveys the means of which this new society will function under the new Socialist government that Bob Avakian envisions—as well as how to best solidify these core factors and principles in a way that suits the general population.

Ironically, even though this is a "Socialist" based constitution, Bob Avakian keeps referencing the values of communism rather bluntly and with little attempt to pretend otherwise.. Not much difference between the two, I assume.

”This Constitution (Draft Proposal) is written with the future in mind. It is intended to set forth a basic model, and fundamental principles and guidelines, for the nature and functioning of a vastly different society and government than now exists: the New Socialist Republic in North America, a socialist state which would embody, institutionalize and promote radically different relations and values among people; a socialist state whose final and fundamental aim would be to achieve, together with the revolutionary struggle throughout the world, the emancipation of humanity as a whole and the opening of a whole new epoch in human history–communism–with the final abolition of all exploitative and oppressive relations among human beings and the destructive antagonistic conflicts to which these relations give rise.“ - Bob Avakian, Introductory Explanation: On the Nature, Purpose and Role of This Constitution Pg. 1, Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America

This also includes one of several potential threats to the communism Bob wishes for: other States and social groups that may rebel and try to restore capitalism.

Article 1, Central Government

The first article summarizes how Bob Avakian’s constitution will denote the government’s limitations and laws, and how it will be enacted through public votes. Rules, laws, and more are explained in broad strokes, such as majority votes for actions taken, through votes or broken rules, and more.

Herein also he explains how treaties, rules, and laws will always be subject to review and change by the "Supreme Court and Other Courts." Only up to 500, and at a minimum of 300 members can be among the membership of the Legislature of this new government.

Not to forget, this article details what it takes to impeach chairmen, officials, lawmakers, and more. Later on, it details how to proceed to transform socialism into communism after assimilating the State into such. This also lists the efforts needed to repair “damages” made by capitalism to the environment, entailing the goal for complete nuclear disarmament, as well as peace between all countries.

Perhaps rather hypocritically, there are further details which list how a draft may be added, and a focus on recruiting volunteers for military training.

Enforcing a ban on basic etiquette for professional-based institutions, such as the military, you are expected to be able to avoid showing hierarchical respect to higher ranking officers— aside from basic greetings such as “hello” and “goodbye.” Questioning all facets is enforced, be it orders or more, in that you are allowed and expected to always inquire the details for information on any military action.

According to Bob’s constitution, America gained much of its influence through slavery, domination, plunder, and conquest. Here he enforces the goals, objectives, and uprooting of the capitalist nation of America.

This socialist constitution even delves into discussion of race-based sciences.

Article 2 Laws and Legal Info.

RCP will provide laws, courts, autonomous regions, as well as provide benefits for African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and other ethnicities, as long as they adhere to the constitution within the socialist republic.

Article 3 & 4: Rights of the People, and Uprooting Oppression and Exploitation

This entails details on the goals and objectives on how to best handle American-based people and places, as well as the legal issues and processes with regards to “basic handling.” Also included in this socialist feast are details on free speech, rights to self-defense, rights to bear arms, and the freedom to practice religion and how it will be viewed by the socialist republic.

There are of course a handful of do's and don'ts such as: "Unusual Punishments and Torture" alongside basic limitations and laws already common within American law. There’s even a clause on how to treat supporters for the republic, and how to treat those of opposing sides.

Article 5. Adoption of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic.

This explains how the process to establish this constitution of the North American Socialist Republic, will be handled by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Posting this on the RCP’s website, they are avid supporters of the #RefuseFacism movement.

Posting this on the RCP’s website, they are avid supporters of the #RefuseFacism movement.

This was a long read. It entails a lot of Bob Avakian’s views and conveys a lot of his desires and needs for his “Global Communist World,” constantly reminding you the goal in his society, be it Socialist or not, is to uproot capitalism and guide the new world to “Global Communism.” One key difference between the Constitution of America and the North American Socialist Republic Constitution is that the American Constitution allows the people to still vote against government overreach and more if necessary. Another key distinction: the United States Constitution does not seek to assert sovereignty over the rest of the globe.

The North American Socialist Republic Constitution, however, places the Revolutionary Communist Party as the sole leading force, and its chairman and members as key components in decision-making and placing people into positions of power—including those who it deems best for the supreme courts and most legal matters. All are given the right to vote, but the RCP has maximal influence.

Avakian holds a grave hate for capitalism, and any who support capitalism; and as he puts it, “The Old World Aka: America” gets its assets, private property, and any forms of capital seized if he or his supporters were to ever be placed into power.

Whoever supports the Revolutionary Communist Party, gains more leniency, of course. They are given some form of compensation as their assets and capital are distributed for the society Bob Avakian cultivates. This is just one of many contradictions and hypocritical, one-sided arguments brought about by his half-baked views.

And Bob Avakian tries hard to cover each point—reminding you how oppression being abolished, as well as removing the “imperialist USA” from power will bring on a new, grand world never seen before. This and more, all through communism, as long as you abide by and adhere to his constitution with its values and laws.

Meanwhile, the activists Bob has under him, such as Sunsara Taylor, advertise his constitution like a Jehovah’s Witness advertises the Watchtower, advocating for the end of free speech of any kind and facet. The irony being that in this same constitution, the right to “free speech” is protected even if you speak out against the Communist State.

Even within Avakian’s manifesto, you have no right to silence speech unless you are a risk to the security of the State. This is perhaps the most hypocritical factor with regards to the Socialist Republic Constitution, and the people who offer it like a Bible. Despite the, if we are being charitable, well-intentioned distribution of freedom of speech within his manifesto, when you look at the actual efforts of BAMN, ANTIFA, BLM, and most all supporters of the RCP, all they care to do is try to silence free speech.

“A. Freedom of speech, of assembly and association, and of dissent and protest shall not be restricted, except in cases of violation of the law and through due process of law.

Expression of opposition to this Republic and its Constitution and government—including advocacy in favor of abolishing this Republic and replacing it with another kind of society and form of government—shall not be prohibited, and on the contrary shall be permitted and protected, except as this shall involve the commission, or an active conspiracy to commit, or the direct and immediate advocacy of, violent acts, which are not in self-defense, against the government or members of the government, or others residing in this Republic, or other actions which violate the law (but, once again, expression of opposition to this Republic and its government, or mere advocacy in favor of replacing this with another form of society and government, may not be declared and treated as a violation of the law).”

Sunsara Taylor of the RCP, during the #RefuseFascism movement in the UC Berkeley riots, offered this exact constitution to gain more support for RCP. This, even as she supported the deplatforming of Milo Yiannopoulos and many more speakers who had come to Berkley for nothing more than the opportunity to talk.

In conclusion, I think it's best to ask yourself, as a rational human being, “How easy do these people make it to trust that their word means what they say it does?” Remember to ask yourself that any time you run into anyone even remotely alike RCP, BAMN, BLM, or Antifa, and remember the answer you come to. If Communism has taught us anything, words on a page can sound as pretty as a poet has skill to craft them, but it’s the actions taken trying to make them reality that truly matter.