Another Twist in the Knot: and Guilt by Association


As I outlined before, there is a growing problem in modern media online. I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge what many are calling the “Gab shooter”, a man whose name I will not publish, because anyone who goes on a murdering spree does not deserve the attention or the glorification of being remembered for it. With that said, it seems that people have used this man’s crazed and violent attack to enact mob justice upon the website, this due to the fact that the man often posted some of his crazed views on the website. The slander has extended to call the site “Neo-Nazi” and “Alt-Right” by popular Facebook networks such as The Other 98%, as though the platform is necessarily any of these things, simply because it does not censor the views of those who post there. This narrative is likewise being picked up and parroted by people on Twitter, which is perhaps a little ironic. Not a decade ago, Twitter was “the Free speech platform” that sought to revolutionize the internet. If they had not cowed to pressures from the likes of these folks one wonders if they might still be.

Regardless, I find it laughably hypocritical for the likes of Twitterites to be dog-piling onto Gab because of the actions of one man. No one decided that YouTube needed to be stricken from the internet because one shooter went on a rampage, nor did people go after Facebook for the likes of Elliot Rodgers. But perhaps most damning of all, these folks in a tissy on Twitter of all places regarding antisemitism have a lot of nerve, when their own platform hosts a page for Hamas, a page carrying some seventy-three thousand followers, for an internationally recognized terrorist organization that murders hundreds of Jews, and whose stated goal for decades has been to eradicate them. Some have claimed that moderation is what justifies this attack on Gab, and the fact that they don’t moderate is why they deserve to be stripped of their rights to be hosted and to have access to Paypal and Stripe, two payment services that are essentially the back-bone of the internet economy. Nothing irks me more than this assertion when the likes of Hamas and similar anti-semitic tweets from Louis Farrakhan still exist freely on Twitter and have for years. If Twitter is to be paid respects for moderation, where are the calls of outrage that they aren’t doing a good enough job?

Clearly this has nothing to do with moderation, or even the content featured. This can only be rightly called political censorship. Gab is an outsider in the online discussion, filled largely with former Twitter users who have been banned. Therefore, Progressive activists have taken to labeling it as “Alt-Right” or “Neo Nazi” despite many of the members on Gab not caring for those ideas at all. It is perhaps most telling that the founder of Gab Andrew Torba, upon learning the involvement of one of the users of the site, came forward to police and the FBI before even being asked, and provided all relevant information possible to ensure the man was brought to justice, as well as taking a clear stance against what happened in a public statement. As can be seen by searching on DuckDuckGo, this statement was originally posted to, before they banned Gab’s account. Why Medium would remove a statement that condemns a mass shooter boggles the mind, but apparently they too have political motivations.

This, in the wake of Facebook banning countless anti-establishment pages of millions of users in the run up to the elections. These actions can no longer be given the benefit of being labelled coincidental. It feels as though we are in the midst of the dying, gasping struggle of the old media, of the old political machine, trying to strike us on the way out. Kronos will not go silent into the night, and has rallied the Titans against us, and those Titans stand monolithic and imposing against the voices of freedom and reason. We find ourselves wrapped up in a struggle for the very soul of western identity itself, for freedom of thought, and for the freedom of information that we so crave to share and consume, beset on all sides by those desperate to control the narrative. In this struggle we must be vigilant, and we must not let the likes of Silicon valley exercise this sort of control over the thoughts of free people.

I cannot say for certain anymore what the best way to approach this problem is. I have outlined ideas before, but even now, I cast doubt on a few. I had figured, as in the past, these problems would be solved by market forces buying and selling assets to control them, but we are seeing with this, a new tactic. The same sort of social shaming we have witnessed politically is now being used to tear down the very freedom of the internet that we love, all due to progressive social influence. This isn’t a problem that can simply be ignored; the many-headed hydra of this beast looms menacingly, and it seems impossible to organize against all of its heads at once. This is the price our society has paid for being complacent, and for enjoying our freedoms while abandoning our responsibilities. The creeping threat of social control has brought its boot to bear, and if we do not stand up to it soon, it may well crush us all for generations yet to come.