By Any Means Necessary: The Revolutionary Wing of Berkley Academia

Yvette Felarca, head of BAMN. Photographer Unknown, assumed Ronald Cruz

Yvette Felarca, head of BAMN. Photographer Unknown, assumed Ronald Cruz

As covered in my last article, we have Evergreen State College, an Extreme Left-leaning institution, teaching and motivating students into severely hateful views of violence and bigotry. The end result is the College becoming something shameful. Academic rigor and reason become a myth, and Social Justice becomes the oppressive prima facie school of thought promoted, crushing all opposition.

Following this, I must change topics on the matter, only to get back on track to my point of how this associates with figures such as Bob Avakian and his associates. Consider this into perspective when I reference Berkeley as I have; Do you the reader feel that Sunsara Taylor, Yvette Felarca, or Bob Avakian avoid spreading their political opinions and teachings within that school in one form or another?

Now, I do not deny the value of any good lesson. Just because Hitler may be atrocious in more ways than one, does not mean that if he taught me that “2+2=4” that the lesson would be just as wrong. Even people as horrid as Yvette Felarca can provide good lessons through her activism, though I would posit more often then not they are lessons best described as what NOT to do.

I digress. My point is that there is a difference between extremely one-sided and objectively wrong societal views, and merely sharing experiences. For example, Yvette Felarca is a Middle School Teacher. She has access to student's while on the clock making rent, and instills within them views of her “Grand Battles against Fascists and Supremacists.” Here is a video of her getting support from these student's when her job was at risk, once the School learned of the riots and actions of BAMN under the leadership of Yvette Felarca.

It shows what could be seen as the innocence of their views; the children being ignorant of the inner workings behind the choice of the school and the administration, and the decision to be rid of Felarca from their point of view, would make for an easy assumption of corruption. In fairness, I am unaware as to how much these children DO know as of the making of this video. Not many will advertise if the contents of the box match what's on the label after all.

Perhaps they know everything, but see it all as justified, no less than the Students in Evergreen State College. As far as most recent cases on Yvette Felarca, at the time of writing, all I have found is this.

As far as how Yvette Felarca lists off her actions, here is one example of how she summarizes all her choices.

I have watched much of her before, and from her appearance on Tucker Carlson to even small civil interviews as above, she has many of the same responses. Everyone is a “Fascist”, and all who deny it belong to the Patriarchy. I encourage you to research yourself about Yvette and her exploits.

And for those who haven’t the time or patience to listen to Yvette, here is an Appendix of timestamps and notes. I have tried to represent her arguments faithfully, albeit in a very one-sided and blanket form of judgment made by her:

“No regrets, Yvette Felarca.”

0:00 Yvette is asked for her motivation behind deplatforming Milo and more at Berkeley.
She makes claims of his Fascism and labels him as such.

0:50 Yvette explains her ideas and views, as well as this, is not a matter of violence and peaceful protest. This is a "Militant Protest". Scenes of the Berkeley riots are shown in clips between the protests, damages, and firebombings.

1:09 Yvette is asked as to why she is not choosing to be peaceful about her protests.
She justifies it as "The Left is too timid" as her reason behind how it is right to do.
As she begins listing off how it's their right to defend themselves due to Fascism.

2:07 The host asks Yvette if these actions are counterproductive. Yvette believes not, and claims all protests in regards to Fascists like Milo Yiannopoulos should be conducted by Militant Protesters as they were at UC Berkeley.

3:13 The host makes a point of how businesses in town got affected by the riots. Clips of BAMN hitting in windows and causing public damages are shown as the host lists off each concern of Yvette's Movement.

3:42 Yvette shifts the blame on a Chancellor, and suggests the business's blame the Chancellor too. Avoiding the facts that BAMN was the aggressor.
She furthers her point by saying due to the support for Milo and others, its the fault of the Chancellor that BAMN rioted. Claiming that the event where Milo was gonna speak was "An attack on Berkeley and the community" to reinforce her earlier point on her group was in self-defense.

4:27 Closing statements. Yvette claims in more ways than one, that it is best to further strengthen BAMN and to protest the same way again in the future.”

I hope this presents a fair characterization of her views. While Yvette is entitled to believe whatever she likes, it becomes clear to me that she intends to stir up violence, regardless of the justifications she gives. If you condemn such justifications and find them hollow, as I do, or if you agree, I hope you find this at least intelligible and accurate.