Pride and Passion Part III: Evolution of the Pride of Boys


One thing that cannot be accused of the Proud Boys is inaction. They are frequently gathering together, and are extremely active within their individual chapters… Though I prefer the term ‘cells’. The reason the term cells seems to apply more appropriately is each chapter is designed to organize and meet independently of direct oversight from McInnes, though sometimes they do seem to seek his blessing and respond to his direct request for a local meet-up with him around protests and events. Indeed, the Proud Boys seem to have evolved into a pseudo-private security or militia group that rotates around two concepts:

  • Protecting McInnes and VIPs/People of Interest he wants to have protected

  • Showing up to events Anti-Fa is guaranteed to be at

The first, on it’s own, is not an incrimination. Hiring private security, or asking for volunteers, is not unheard of from any political activists or outspoken critics of politics, media, or militarized institutions. But the second starts to paint a more realistic picture of the problems within the Proud Boys that have begun to form over time.

Since McInnes is standoff-ish in regards to each chapter’s membership, they seem prone to infiltration from the Alt-Right, namely the less than savory elements of both violent and non-violent White Nationalists and Identitarian factions. But not entirely free from intervention, it should say. One need only google ‘Based Stickman’ to understand that sometimes Gavin McInnes has openly advocated and supported direct militarization of his ‘social club’ through the formed ‘Alt Knights’. Their tongue-in-cheek naming scheme aside, the Alt Knights make no reservations about portraying themselves as more willing combatants that act in a more direct manner of ‘counter riot’ to Antifa. There are instructions for home-brew weaponry, recommended tactics, and even attention given to the legality of different levels of resistance from such members. But remember, they make it very clear they are not advocating for political violence, just self defense.

PriseDeConstantinople1204PalmaLeJeune 2.JPG

How very Latin of them.

So from a social club, to a pseudo-militaristic, cultish, fraternity, that just stands for ‘Western Chauvinism.’ ‘Western Chauvinism?’ Chauvinism is categorized as extreme patriotism. To be patriotic is to have national pride. But ‘the West’ is not a country, rather it’s a group of counties. The Proud Boys, from their oaths to their rhetoric of ‘The West is Best’ are stringent upon this verbiage, as well as McInnes himself. Under any accusation of White Nationalism he will reiterate back ‘Western Chauvinist’ or ‘Civic Nationalism’. Not only that, but in countries where political violence is not that common, McInnes seems to promote the Proud Boys and Alt Knights forming chapters to help the “‘sh**hole’/cucked” countries. Even if Antifa is not particularly violent or large in these sovereign states/countries, they seem to find what they need. In the case of the UK, it is ‘Muslim refugees, morality gangs, and rape gangs’. Apparently the logical answer to bands of undocumented, unregulated, unsanctioned groups of men roaming the streets and harassing people, or far worse in the darkest of nights, is to create a different band of armed men doing the same thing, only this time it is for your own particular ideology or world view. I wonder if that has ever been tried before in history. (Cheeky, I know. I could not help myself on that one.)

And on a personal note, as a direct insult to Mr. McInnes from this author, as a native born American, I take great offense at his self-adoption of 4 nationalities and propping himself up as a ‘champion’ of the West whilst regularly describing the UK and Canada (two of his previous homelands) as ‘sh**holes’. A British-born, Scottish-blooded, Canadian immigrant in America declaring himself a patriot for all three? Pick a country or dredge your tea out of Boston Harbor and chug it down once and for all. His ‘Western Chauvinist’ verbiage might trick his brainwashed goon-squad, but anyone with an ounce of true American patriotism should be able to see, as I do. He wants the benefits of being from those countries in dialogue. He likes claiming he comes from those countries to prove points. It would be helpful to take a note from Stephen Crowder, who also holds hate for how those countries are acting, and accept American citizenship and be done with it.

Alright, got that out of my system.

In my next section I hope to lay out the case and intention of this article, but we have to “Tarantino” this story one last time. Back to ancient Rome we go.