Why Am I a Liberalist?

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I have often contemplated why exactly it was I decided to join this merry bunch of miscreants, both callow and cunning as they often find themselves to be. And young they are; most Liberalists find themselves at forty years or less, searching for meaning as they seek out the truth they have come to understand. The truth that the state has gone too far in the pursuit of utopia, that businesses have their hands too deep in the cookie jar, and that something must be done in order to free the masses from control and build them up into the next generation of actualized individuals. Within the youth of the movement there is sufficient exuberance, yet they often find themselves lacking structure; lacking guidance and lacking real goals.

Such is the burden laid upon them by the failures of the state and the failure of society to instill within them the desire to actualize their individual capabilities for the good of themselves and their communities. I do not to intend to needlessly wax poetic about the sense that each individual is somehow ‘gifted’ or 'special' in some mundane sense of talent or skill, but instead, address and respect the uniqueness of each individual; that no one else is or will be quite exactly the way that they are.

Human beings are not merely the consequential collection of their genetic material. They are not merely an arbitrary group to which they are a part of, but a unique configuration; a being wholly born as a part of a grand cosmic motion which came to bring the flickering light of long dead stars together. Each coalesces from inception into a being that is capable of observing and understanding exactly what a star is. Each cosmic shard, a tiny burning ember in the vast expanse of darkness, carries within it the spark of light that spreads a glimmering brightness across that same dark night, illuminating it even in the face of eventual extinction and death. We individuals are, in a sense, the very heavenly bodies from which we come, and yet so much more, shining a spotlight in whatever way we can upon the beauty and darkness of this existence and bringing meaning and understanding to all of it.

No other movement but liberalism holds to this sacred individual. Indeed, only liberals hold that the individual is both simultaneously the smallest but also the highest and therefore the most important unit of which to be measured. And so, despite a lack of leadership, in a world full of people who would abandon principles and the rights and protections of the individual for personal gain, I have joined the Liberalists. No one else seems to truly understand or contemplate the principles that they advocate for, consider them to their logical conclusions, nor perceive what pains will come about should those principles come to fruition.

To be a liberal is to protect the individual, to understand that all human rights, must begin with one person, as no other fair or just extrapolation of the law. A law which cannot be applied evenly cannot be called just, and any law which is not just to all is not fit to enforce or to hold an individual to account for. Likewise, to be a liberal is to ensure that all are free, insofar as their freedoms do not infringe upon the freedoms and rights of others, and further, to acknowledge that individuals have rights, inalienable and consequential from the moment they are born, and that no man or woman can infringe upon those rights without being held to account and fairly punished for their infringement. It is also to hold that all are innocent until proven guilty, and that none should be made to pay for a crime they cannot be proven to have committed. These ideas and values, among others, are central to liberal thought, and any compromise upon them, even a necessary one, must therefore be limited excessively so as to protect individual freedoms.

This much has been made clear to me through countless readings and interpretations of philosophy and ideology. Even though I myself am young and inexperienced, I will rise to the occasion placed before me, because I feel I must, just as many do. And just as others have encouraged me to rise to the occasion, so will I raise up others around me to do the same. I will remind them of who they are, what they are capable of, and push them to their limits so they continue to grow. Because while identitarians are busy chopping away all of the parts of people that don't fit their narratives; cutting away the undesirables and those they disagree with, those of a more Classical bent are willing to build any individual up to become the best that they can be.

We who hold to our principles, have something that racial collectivists of all stripes will never have; ideas rooted firmly in reality, rooted in a strength that they can never truly comprehend. For while each of them is a nameless, replaceable cog in a racially motivated machine that sees them as little more than the skin they wear, each Liberalist is a self-contained engine of human ingenuity, all their own, actualized in the sum of all of their parts. We will not bow to those screaming in outrage, we will not kowtow to racial purity spirals. We are here to defend the individual, and we will stand up for any individual's rights as best we are able.


We are the Liberalists. Identitarians on the left and the right, know your enemy, and know fear. We are more than you can ever hope to be.

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