Putting it All Together: How Bob Avakian Uses Radical Groups to Spread Communism in America

Photo Source Unknown, Presumed Credit: https://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/tl-cuban-missile-crisis/timeline/timeline.html

Photo Source Unknown, Presumed Credit: https://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/tl-cuban-missile-crisis/timeline/timeline.html

It’s been some time since I last spoke about Yvette Felarca, Sunsara Taylor and Bob Avakian, but I’ve included links to past articles above in each of their names. This article will continue assuming you’ve read each of them beforehand. You may find it hard to follow along if you don’t, so it is highly recommended.

When it comes down to Yvette, Sunsara, and Bob, you must consider how, fundamentally, they strive for the goal of global Communism. Sunsara and Yvette believe in Bob Avakian, so what else would they want other than to help further his lessons and Constitution? Sunsara Taylor suggests even taking copies of his written Constitution from her Q&A in Berkeley. (Timestamp is 32:10)

Bob Avakian and his followers rely on piggybacking off of groups. He has even had the Ferguson protests advertise his website ‘http://revcom.us’ as well as come out in support of his ideology. Granted, you also have to realize that there is variation on when information like this appears. Just because it happens once does not always mean BLM or other groups work alongside the RCP at all times. As noted though, some will advertise for Bob when the opportunity presents itself.

I only make that caveat, since it has been seen that some people pretend to be a part of movements for the sake of infiltration as bad actors, only to then mock or slander those movements once they’ve made it inside. But in cases like Ferguson, RCP association is fully noted as detailed on Bob’s website.

The above shows an article from revcom that details some of the RCP supporters who have gone to Ferguson during the time of the protests. Other news outlets and media-based sites have also done their digging, including Snopes. They explain how the idea that Communists are the ones primarily organizing the Ferguson protests are mostly false. The article goes into details surrounding the matter much as I have, covering how some protesters may have been provided RCP aid, but not all were. Likewise, to assume their involvement was orchestrated on such a massive scale is arrogant. However, it is still worthwhile to investigate these links. The John Birch Society also covered this story as well, and provide their own look into the same investigation.

As far as what I have found, so far, Bob Avakian and the RCP are a rather small movement at the moment. I cannot speculate as to why without more information. His YouTube channel has not grown much since it's start, but a coordinated effort is still being made through his actions and his followers to grow and establish a strong Communist front within America. This is being done through the school system, such as the college he attended in Berkeley, to people being force-fed his teachings like the students at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School by Yvette Felarca. They gain strength through networking and association, and use whatever movements they can by aiding those they relate to like the BLM Movement, ANTIFA, BAMN, etc.

Sunsara Taylor, during her talk at a Refuse Fascism Movement meeting and Q&A, attempts to detail how it is a group based on open-mindedness, acceptance, equality, and values most might view as making them a virtuous and moral group. The true cornerstones of her movement are justifications, however, and the foundation and structure are claiming to know better than you if you disagree.

The reason I so meticulously marked each time-stamp with details of the discussion in that video before, is to allow you, the reader, the option to analyze her behavior and to judge for yourself. Sunsara even goes as far as to say that as long as Milo Yiannopoulos, Trump, and any figure who she deems Fascist in the opposition, have platforms from which they can speak from, she believes that it makes it easy to deny them another platform to speak. She refuses to debate or talk on her values against them and any other opposing view due to that. Make no mistake, this tactic is effectively no different than saying “I REFUSE to arm wrestle you because you are stronger and it is unfair, but I would win if you were at my level!”

She claims that these speakers deserve no ears that willingly ask for their words to listen to new ideas, because you can just as easily look them up on YouTube. This seems to me to be done as an attempt to avoid the challenge these controversial speakers make to their own opinions, and to deny their audience any opportunity to hear their critics. I will admit that is only an assumption on my part, one that seems to best fit with likely motivations, but an assumption nonetheless.

To return to Bob Avakian, he so far is somewhat less visible in the public eye. The man has ties to the Free Speech Movement back in the 60’s, and some of his experiences therein are easy enough to solicit.

His actions during that time are also spoken of in an interview with Bobby Seale from the Black Panthers. (13:09 is where Bob Avakian is first mentioned)

I recommend you watch from then on if you want details on the man and how he managed his association with groups like the Black Panthers, but I also strongly suggest watching the entire interview. If you are analytical and want to see the sort of methods that people who aggressively suppress their opposition operate in, this video provides a keen example of how followers are motivated and manipulated to stand up for said people.

At the end of the day, the goal of the RCP is to grow. To Bob, you do not need to be the center of it all to matter, you only need to contribute what matters ENOUGH to make his goal a reality. This is why RCP supports multiple movements that share some of their own ideals. He seeks out those whose chemistry is not so different from his own in order to mix well with his ideals, and if need be, the RCP helps in growing movements like the Refuse Fascism Movement, only to conscript their membership to the ranks of groups like ANTIFA or BAMN.

Bob is not beyond co-opting other ideologies, however. In a talk I listened to, he said “A friend of mine went up to me and was like ‘Bobby, too bad you aren't a Brother. You would make a great Brother if you weren't White!’ to which I say, if I weren't a Brother, then I wouldn't be Hispanic, or a Woman, or Gay, or Asian, or Indian.” In doing so, it is clear that he believes that others need to see value in him and his views over the skin color he was born with, a view that many groups on the left seem opposed to.

These groups, as well as Bob and the RCP, share the same goals in more ways than one, but at the same time he most needs for this self-imposed segregation along inter-sectional lines to end, because it would then make it easier for him to unify and take charge of the numbers of all these Anti-Fascist Leftist groups in one unified coalition. It is strange that he would embrace a tenet of liberalism in order to promote Communism, but when one needs a wrench and not a hammer to keep the dam from breaking, I suppose some might borrow from the toolbox of their neighbor in order to do it.

In closing, I would just like to make clear my intent. People need to be educated to at least know for sure what they believe, and who stands on the side you can ignore, oppose, or stand with. There is no simple way to be confident enough to decide clearly on if the matters brought up by others will concern you, until you can process the information needed to decide that. All I wish is to provide ease in making that assessment. Whether you stand for these groups or against them, or just ignore them, I just want to make it easy for you to decide.

It should not be hard work for a person to know who they want to stand with or against by knowing them well enough. With Bob Avakian, Sunsara Taylor, and Yvette Felarca diversifying their statements so broadly and breaking them up into so many factors and justifications, it would be nigh impossible without hours of investigation for an otherwise ignorant person to distinguish them between valiant individuals, or the kinds of manipulative, one-sided malcontents who could be seen on par with Germany’s SA Brown-shirts.

And at the end of all of this, should you feel their beliefs suit you, then fair enough, but be sure you definitely understand what BLM, BAMN, ANTIFA, and the RCP stand for. All of the research I have done, and with all of the reading and videos I have watched, I had to work to decipher a good sum of what they described when they, IF EVER, discussed their beliefs. They make you jump through hoops to just make it harder for you to question them, while hoping that stating “So and So is a Fascist because X, Y, and Z” is all that will be needed to make you confident enough to trust in them. This reads to me as intentional misdirection, where the only intent they have is to mislead you and leave you less educated on their actions and the meaning behind them.