Trump Derangement Syndrome Persists: How Dems might False Flag Trump to a Second Term


Jussie Smollet has been arrested for filing a false police report. The 36 year-old star of Fox series Empire has been under suspicion for weeks of making the claims of a false hate crime against him after he went public with the story of having been assaulted in Chicago late one January night. The suspicion stemmed from the time and location the crime happened, the lack of any solid evidence of the described perpetrators existence, and the strange description of the event in question.

This is just the most high profile of a string of fake hate crimes that have been happening since Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States. There seems to be a concerted effort to slander and shame his followers and make them out to be the worst of the worst possible scum to ever walk the face of the planet. I personally cannot say what makes up the values of the average Trump voter, but it is clear to me that following Hillary Clinton’s announcement that half of her country was essentially “deplorables”, it doesn’t really do the Democrats any favors to run with stories like this one, only to find out less than a month later that the entire thing is a farce.

Nonetheless, those who are convinced of their own moral correctness soldier on, taking up every story that might possibly make their enemies look bad and running with those grenades for as long as possible until they explode in their own hands. Even now, a new story about a “presumed MAGA supporter” in San Francisco has come out, allegedly egging the house of someone for putting up an Anti-Trump sign. While this may be true, and if so, I would call it a despicable and petty action, history leads me to doubt heavily that this alleged hate crime is anything more than another false flag.

How many Trump supporters do you know that live in San Francisco, after all?

I can say only this: any false crimes committed in such a brazen and disgusting way are shameful wastes of taxpayer money and the time of important agencies who have much more important jobs to be doing. They do not help the cause of those hoping they will be taken seriously, they assume a certain level of stupidity of those investigating which has yet to be shown, and more than that, they cast actual crimes into doubt when they do happen. The only reason someone would fake such egregious and despicable crimes that I can think of, is as an attempt to shame their political enemies and make them seem all the worse than they actually are.

If this is the case, it falls on everyone who makes these false allegations to look upon their own actions and the people they are trying to frame, and ask themselves who between them really has the moral high ground. You may dislike the President of the United States and his supporters, that is your right as a human being, and you have every reason to express your opinion as you please. However, if you truly want him out of the White House, as I suspect Smollet and many others do, framing his followers does not achieve that goal.

If anything, it helps him on his way to winning a second term, to which I can only ask those who exude such vitriolic hate for their commander in chief: "Do you want four more years of Trump? Because that’s how you get four more years of Trump.”