It's Time To Stop.


In my article last week about Christchurch, when things were raw and I still had hope that cooler heads might prevail, I asked of people to keep calm in light of the situation. However, if hindsight about the events of the attack and what followed can teach us anything, it would perhaps be these lessons three:

One: Zealots don’t respond very well to reasonable suggestions
Two: I should have spoken more plainly and not held out hope for a world full of people who got us into this situation to begin with, and lastly,
Three: This culture war needs to come to an end.

In the battle between outrage farmers, virtue signalers, chuds and whamen, it doesn’t matter who fired the first shot. It doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, who deserves to be “destroyed by facts and logic” and who is a “misogynistic oppressor”.

This cycle of outrage, of grifting, of constant chest-puffing, attacking figures for unpopular views, all of it needs to grind to a halt, because all we’re actively engaged in is tearing ourselves apart for the sport of the sort of crazies who only want to spur us on. I don’t encourage reading the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto, but if you do read it, you can see a man who knows who his targets are. He knows the reaction that he will provoke, and he has already started provoking it thanks to some people who, despite the better warnings of others, refuse to put down their swords and come to the goddamn table to talk.

How many more fascists will we do the bidding of? How many self-avowed anti-fascists will continue to do the very things that the people they claim to be against are encouraging them to do? How many more innocent minority members will they sacrifice while they keep propping up this war on freedoms? And how many more of them will be antagonized by smug, self-assured and condescending pseudo-intellectuals forcing their own opinions back in their face, attacking the ignorance of those they mock for a paycheck?

The longer this goes on, the worse things get, the more our society falls into disrepair. This continuation of constant zealous attack between those who are hellbent on ideological purity is making you easy prey for those on the outside. There are people who have studied what provokes an attack from you, and they’ve started using you as weapons in their own ideological war.

Step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself if it’s worth becoming an unwitting pawn of the very thing you claim to stand against by accelerating the war they’re trying to start. Ask yourself why they’re trying to start that war. Ask yourself who’s likely to win if they do. Is everything you stand to lose, is everyone who stands to die, is all of the potential pain and misery you might be helping to cause worth what you’re getting out of it?

It’s long since time for everyone to come together, and reflect on all of this, to put aside the selfish attacks and petty motives and take a long hard look at ourselves and what we’re becoming.

It’s time to stop.