Pride Before The Fall: UK Sovereignty Is No Longer Worth The EU's Respect


EU Comission President Jean-Claude Junker now apparently regrets staying out of the Brexit referendum.

Of course, the clip heard around the world of Guy Verhofstadt, President of ALDE and Chief Brexit coordinator of the European Parliament, demanding a new transfer of powers and sovereignty to the Union is no doubt still fresh in the memories of those who oppose the EU's idea of a United Europe.

One should hardly be surprised to find out that Junker, who apparently stayed out of the British referendum out of respect for David Cameron, is claiming that he made a "big mistake" by not stepping in to correct lies during the campaign. Of course, the one lie repeated ad nausea, that of the Bus ad which claimed that the UK was paying the EU £350M per week, remains a fixture of discussion.

On the other hand, the lies perpetrated by the Remain campaign, of the economic impact which has been broadly overstated and exaggerated, seem mostly far from mention.

Also absent is Junker's stance on which lies he would have deigned to make clear; though the fact that he is a biased party should be the more pressing note. While it would be nice to assume that the EU would act impartially, we have seen time and again, especially via the terms constantly offered back and forth between Prime Minister Theresa May, and the Union itself, that they have no such intentions of ending the relationship between the two entities cleanly.

The option of executing Article 50 was always meant to be one of the member state itself, not of the Union, and Cameron's request was likely made in the spirit of keeping that desire of sovereign decision among the British populace. That Junker may have respected this request before means little now, as his desire to walk it back only shows that whatever care he had for the idea of sovereignty is gone.

Perhaps this is owing to the "shambles" and laughingstock that Brexit has become due to Conservative mismanagement. Perhaps it is owing to the stress placed on Junker's plate in having to deal with British Parliament absolutely doing everything it can to drag its feet and not give the people of the United Kingdom what they voted for.

Or perhaps it is merely that Junker realizes that with Brexit delayed yet again, with a new wave of Euro-skeptic MEPs likely headed to the core of the European Parliament, it will be hell for him and the Commission to get anything done without severe push-back, until the issue of Brexit is settled.

Perhaps that, more than anything, is why Mr. Junker — the man who has consistently called for an EU Army — wishes he could re-write history; in order to hasten the goals of his mandate for a Federalist Europe, and to further remove sovereignty from each European country in order to create the United States of Europe.

Verhofstadt, known for his own dreams of an Empire of Good, would likely agree, one can only imagine, regardless of the wishes and demands of the people of each individual country. It is not a far stretch to imagine that those who express dissent at such ideas will be met with a similar response to Macron's handling of the French Yellow Vest protesters.

One can only hope that the will of the people finds its way, no matter what bureaucrats attempt to deny them their rights.