The Vote is Nigh: The EU MEP Elections & You


For those who have been living under a rock of late, the elections for members of the European Parliament, or MEPs, are soon to be underway across Europe. Elections will be held from this Thursday, the 23rd, on through to Sunday the 26th, with dates that vary from country to country. This article will provide you information as to when the vote in question will be happening in your home state, and lists of candidates or parties available to vote on.

An obvious caveat to this list; I am English and do not speak any of the languages of Europe fluently aside from my mother tongue, ergo searching for information for some smaller countries is difficult. I will endeavor to provide you with whatever I can find, but I think it probably best that if you don’t know, be sure to call up your local representatives and ask them yourself for any information you do not already have.

The above handy image, sourced from, shows each country in the EU and the respective dates of their elections, but this still leaves some questions for certain areas, and can be hard to read in others. As such, I will endeavor to make things as easy to understand as possible.

Each country will be listed chronologically by the date the votes are being held. All times listed are based on local time-zones for each country. I will also include, where able, a list to the available candidates or parties if a candidate list cannot be found.
Some lists, due to the nature of scarce available data, may be incomplete. We will do our due diligence to ensure that every party available is noted, and if not, to ensure that it is made aware to the reader that there are other parties not included on the list, so that they may search on their own for further information.

It should also be noted that being included in these lists is not an endorsement in any way, shape or form from our organization. We merely seek to make as much information as we can available to the voting public, so that they know when to vote, and who they can choose from.


United Kingdom - May 23rd - 7AM - 10PM

List of UK Candidates (Thanks to

Netherlands - May 23rd - 7:30AM - 9PM

List of Candidates from the Netherlands

Ireland - May 24th - 7AM - 10PM

List of Irish Candidates

Czech Republic - May 24th-25th 2PM - 10PM Fri, 8AM - 2PM Sat.

List of Czech Parties

Latvia - May 25th 7AM - 8PM Local Time

List of Latvian Parties

Malta - May 25th 7AM - 10PM Local Time

List of Maltese Parties

Slovakia - May 25th 7AM - 10PM Local Time

List of Slovakian Parties

All Other EU Member States will be holding their elections on May 26th. Times and candidates will be included as above.

Austria - 6AM - 5PM

List of Austrian Parties

Belgium - 8AM - 3PM

List of Belgian Parties

Bulgaria - 7AM - 8PM

List of Bulgarian Parties (incomplete)

Croatia - 7AM - 7PM

List of Croatian Parties

Cyprus - 7AM - 6PM

List of Cypriot Parties (incomplete)

Denmark - 9AM - 8PM

List of Danish Parties

Estonia - 9AM - 8PM

List of Estonian Parties (incomplete)

Finland - 9AM - 8PM

List of Finnish Parties (possibly incomplete)

France - Open at 8AM. Close between 6-8PM depending on area.

List of French Parties

Germany - 8AM - 6PM

List of German Parties

Greece - 7AM - 7PM

List of Greek Parties

Hungary - 6AM - 7PM

List of Hungarian Parties (possibly incomplete)

Italy - 7AM - 11PM

List of Italian Parties

Lithuania - 7AM - 8PM

List of Lithuanian Parties (likely incomplete/missing information)

Luxembourg - 8AM - 2PM

List of Luxembourger Parties

Poland - 7AM - 9PM

List of Polish Parties

Portugal - 7AM - 6PM

List of Portuguese Parties

Romania - 7AM - 9PM

List of Romanian Parties & Candidates (incomplete)

Slovenia - 7AM - 7PM

List of Slovenian Parties (possibly incomplete)

Spain - 9AM - 8PM

List of Spanish Parties (possibly incomplete)

Sweden - 9AM - 8PM

List of Swedish Parties (incomplete)


This concludes our list.

Of course, as a 501(c)(3) organization, it is neither our place nor our wish to tell you how you should vote. However, as democracy is one of our core principles, and since we have gone to such trouble to gather this information for your benefit, entirely free of charge, we humbly ask that you make use of it, and make the informed decision that you think is best.

Consider your options, do your research, and then this week, when it comes time to vote, have your say to decide what you think is right.