May Day Riot: How Civic Failure Breeds Criminal Behavior


Montreal rarely smells pleasant in mid-morning May. The cloying stink of smog, diesel and garbage was undercut, however, on the morning of May the 2nd, replaced with the smell of melted asphalt, burning garbage, and chemical deterrents wafting in from downtown.

For those who remain blissfully unaware of Canada’s river-flanked grotto, Montreal is known for more than just being a University town and being “that French place north of the border”. For instance, it hosts such wonderful cultural anachronisms as the crumbling 1976 Olympic Stadium, the Notre Dame Basilica, and a whole gaggle of rabble-rousing Anarcho-Communists who didn’t get the memo that the Soviet Union fell in the 90s.

To be blunt, on the evening of May 1st, otherwise known as May Day or International Worker’s Day, these dissidents gathered in the streets, as is their right, and then proceeded to host what Global news called a “heated protest”. Now, this sort of terminology is usually reserved for when people start flinging slurs and insults at each other en masse, which I’m more than sure happened, considering the results.

However, this statement as a headline seems a bit tame to describe people setting the streets on fire and breaking into buildings. I may be verging on becoming a relic by today’s standards, but last I checked we called that a riot, not a protest.

Other news organizations decided to refer merely to the five arrests that followed, of which I’m sure more would have happened if others hadn’t been wearing full face coverings. Naturally, of course, the police, despite being out in full force and in riot gear, did little to stop these folks, despite having exploding fireworks thrown at them.

But much as I could make merry of the ineffectual nature of the police, the slanted media coverage to protect these Communists, and the inability of people to call a spade a spade, instead, I would like to focus on the perpetrators.

We didn’t get here, to this point, because the doctrine that these people espouse is rational, logical, and worth following. A cursory translation of the statement in the photo above, a banner the protesters carried, reveals that much.

”No to Violence, Racists and Colonials. Destroy the borders, burn the prisons”.

What kind of insufferable, collectivist idiot demands that there should be no violence, while burning down the only place that segregates the violent population from the rest of civil society?

I’ll tell you. The kind who feels no obligation to his fellow man, beyond some misguided sense of empathy towards everyone, regardless of whether or not it is deserved. The kind of person who believes that all criminals are wrongly imprisoned, and that all police are ‘enforcers of the white supremacist patriarchal imperialist system’, rather than just people who’ve been hired to enforce the law.

The kind of person who doesn’t understand the fundamental values that reside at the core of their society, because they were never taught them. The kind of person whose parents were too busy working to pamper them with every little bauble and trinket they could to make up for not being around, that they left the rearing of their child in the hands of a state whose only goal was to expand the state as much as possible.

And so, we have wound up with Millennials, the most outwardly leftist generation this century, of which I am sadly a part of. A generation that, by and large, is so cut off from what it means to be a citizen, that they would vote en masse for a man who declares his country to be “post-national”.

Therefore, we find that in a group of people who are overwhelmingly collectivist, when they are given no binding collective identity to belong to, they fracture, caring mostly about tearing down the system that has betrayed them while decrying all of the things that have kept them safe and secure for their entire lives. They choose instead to adhere to a “human identity”, which has no means of perpetuating itself, because there are too many abject differences among those who ascribe to it, many of which seem to be overtly “anti-white”, yet another contradiction in this intersectional philosophy, a philosophy that is for “everyone, except ‘THEM’.”

Funny, I seem to remember hearing that one before. I seem to recall another ideology that blamed people of a certain ethnic make-up for all of society’s ills, and called for their eradication; that called for massive social upheaval and government restructuring of everything because ‘the state knows best’.

The irony is not lost on me.