Injustice Unanswered: France Allows Murderer to Escape Conviction?


In a world where the inane is becoming the norm, it takes a spectacular feat of idiocy to anger me.

When I first heard that Sarah Halimi, a 65 year-old Kindergarten teacher, was flung from a window, presumably to her death, after being tortured for over an hour as her neighbors listened on in fear, I was admittedly nonplussed, in both senses of the word.

I was indifferent as I often am to horrible things that happen around the world, as they all too often do, but also perplexed as to how a man could be allowed to torture someone for over an hour with people in ear-shot, and no-one came to stop him. A testament to the fine, upstanding and hard-working police of Paris, I presume.

When I came to find out that the murderer in question, a one Kobili Traore, was a Muslim man, a Malian immigrant, aged 27, and that his victim was an Orthodox Jew, I grew even more resigned to the sorry state of Europe, and how such things seem to be ever more common place across the continent following the EU’s policies of open borders and mass migration, that homophobia and antisemitism are on the rise.

What boiled my blood, however, was not the brutal, violent and drawn out murder, (you come to expect these things when the headlines regularly show them) nor the ethnicity or religions of those involved — what truly caused me to lose my proverbial shit over this story, was finding out that French prosecutors were apparently willing to cede criminal trial for the man because he had smoked marijuana heavily beforehand, and was using that as his excuse for being mentally unfit at the time.

This is by far, the most gross miscarriage of justice I have ever heard of. This is worse than the O.J. Simpson trial by a magnitude heretofore unfathomable. We KNOW the suspect committed the murder, he has admitted to it. We know from neighbor testimony that he repeatedly, as he tortured Mrs. Halimi, screamed “Allahu Ackbar” and recited prayers in Arabic before claiming he had “killed the Shaitan” after throwing her bodily from the third story balcony.

And now, because this gentleman smoked the devil’s lettuce, he is being granted psychiatric pardon, despite apparently not suffering from any discernible mental illness, according to three separate psychological screenings.

Traore claims to have been smoking 15 joints a day at this point when he murdered Mrs. Halimi. Frankly, I must express some severe doubts to this story. Firstly, how many twenty seven year old migrants do you know that have enough money to sustain an approximately $100.00 per day drug habit? (Assuming street value of $10.00 a gram and 2/3rds to 3/4ths of a gram cigarettes, which is a frankly conservative estimate for someone allegedly smoking so much)

Even ignoring the sheer amount of harm that would do to the average person’s lungs, (One marijuana cigarette deposits four times the tar of a similarly sized tobacco cigarette, in other words he was smoking somewhere around 60 cigarettes per day worth of tar, or approximately two and a half king-sized packs a day) how in god’s green earth could someone so utterly high even think of moving? Marijuana is, in most cases, a depressant. Even sativa strains which are known for increasing mental activity will also put you on your ass if you smoke enough of it.

You’ll note that in Canada, marijuana has been legalized federally, and we have seen no drastic rise in psychosis based crime, nor have such crimes risen in Colorado or Washington state in the United States, to my knowledge. It is true that in those who suffer from paranoia or schizophrenia, research has been done to show that marijuana may trigger psychotic episodes, but this gentlemen apparently does not suffer from either, and if he did, surely such an episode would have occurred long before joint number 15 of this blessed day. I’ve seen a schizophrenic person light up and get out of his own head before, it doesn’t take all that much.

But all of this is beating around the bush. Let’s face facts: In Canada (and likely in France as well) no one who was so intoxicated on alcohol that they committed a murder would be allowed to escape a conviction; in fact, it would likely be considered an exacerbating factor in the case for exercise of poor judgment. So then, why must I ask is cannabis, a drug known for making people less aggressive, being used as an excuse to allow this verdict?

Frankly, this whole defense and subsequent ruling reek together of unjust favoritism and a fear of stirring up public dissent from the Muslim community. A poor, innocent elderly woman was violently murdered in cold blood, following disgusting, ritualistic torture, in what was clearly a religiously motivated attack by all accounts. Despite this, the cowards in the French justice system are making an utter mockery of the very concept they are supposed to be administering and adjudicating over.

It is certainly one thing to wait for all of the facts to make themselves clear, to presume innocent until proven guilty, and then judge accordingly. It is quite another to grant clemency to an admitted murderer, and ignore inconvenient evidence to allow a man who utterly violated and slaughtered an innocent woman to receive a reduced penalty, when by all means he should arguably be sitting in a cell for the maximum sentence possible due to the clear and present danger he presents to the rest of society.

We do not give drunk drivers who commit hit and runs a slap on the wrist here in Canada, we charge them with a DUI AND homicide. Why should this case be any different?

I’m waiting for any even remotely reasonable answer, but I have severe doubts I’ll be receiving one.