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The Death of an Icon: How Ideas are Forfeit in Culture Wars

The political hysteria regarding Donald Trump and the culture war may have begun well before then, but this was the point where things broke through to the mainstream culture, where symbols used on the internet were being subverted and in their doing so, being ceded by a morally puritanical movement within the mainstream.

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The Devil and His Due: Understanding Richard Spencer and the "appeal" of the Alt-Right

It is important, when understanding someone you disagree with, to know and understand the reason why people DO agree with them. Of course no one reasonable would follow along, goose-stepping beside a grand wizard in broad daylight this day in age, but to hear someone make a subtle declaration, a soft-spoken claim of how whites are being systematically replaced, or that White Guilt is a tool used to pervade and cow society? People will eat that up.

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Pride and Passion Part II: A Proud History

“Fourth degree – The Final step involves “a major fight for the cause,” McInnes said. “You get beat up, kick the crap out of Antifa” and possibly get arrested.”

When faced with the reality that this form of directive is a direct call for violence and illegal activity, Mr. McInnes back-tracked nearly 100% to assume a defensive roll for the Proud Boys, fitting with the public narrative that Proud Boys are never the aggressors in the political violence.

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