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Putting it All Together: How Bob Avakian Uses Radical Groups to Spread Communism in America

“It should not be hard work for a person to know who they want to stand with or against by knowing them well enough. With Bob Avakian, Sunsara Taylor, and Yvette Felarca diversifying their statements so broadly and breaking them up into so many factors and justifications, it would be nigh impossible without hours of investigation for an otherwise ignorant person to distinguish them between valiant individuals, or the kinds of manipulative, one-sided malcontents who could be seen on par with Germany’s SA Brown-shirts.”

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By Any Means Necessary: The Revolutionary Wing of Berkley Academia

“Now, I do not deny the value of any good lesson. Just because Hitler may be atrocious in more ways than one, does not mean that if he taught me that “2+2=4” that the lesson would be just as wrong. Even people as horrid as Yvette Felarca can provide good lessons through her activism, though I would posit more often then not they are lessons best described as what NOT to do.”

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The Rise of Radicals: An Investigation into Political Insurrection

“… it's clear that there is quite an easy to notice shift between the “Leftist” and “Far Left.” Leftists are just those who hold the values of most “Left Winged” individuals, whom still rely on discussions and civil actions, over street militant and other forms of radical actions. That being said, the next set of examples will be that of Far Left groups so you can see and compare.”

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