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A Government Gone to Pot: Why Centralizing an Industry Leads to Failure

Those in charge woefully underestimated the size of their market, and also did not do their job of ensuring they had suppliers that would be able to meet the demand of their market lined up. This resulted in a catastrophic failure of a launch for the industry, which it is still reeling from and trying to recover from to this day.

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Addressing the Activist in the Classroom

“In today’s society, we can see a much more natural distribution of thought in different fields, hooray for meritocracy. Likewise, as a society, have we recognised that this distribution may lead to bias, which the conservatives, libertarians and even liberals (at least, in this day and age) are none too happy about. It is for this express reason that there are rules and regulations in place to secure impartiality among our teachers. “

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