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On Platforms, Publishers and Payment Processors

As I sit here, I cannot help but question what can be done about this conundrum. Parties which should be neutral have failed utterly to abide by such policies, opting instead to listen to a fringe group of leftist ideologues and using their massive power as pillars among the internet to silence dissident thought.

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Cutting Through the Gordian Knot Pt II: The Bill of Digital Rights and Legislation

Were a bill of digital rights to be passed, either in theorem or in practice, it would, ideally, provide protections to all end-users such that no company could persecute or discriminate against them for an exercise of their speech not deemed illegal, nor any purchase or transaction, and this protection would theoretically extend across all of cyberspace; and therein immediately lies the first problem; the scope of the thing.

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Cutting Through the Gordian Knot Pt. I - The Internet and Free Speech

“Calls up and down the aisle have rallied about what can be done as the ideological cleansing of all who are “unclean” have made their way through the progressive Webisphere, coupled with the constant decrying of the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and other entities which have long since stopped trying to hide the ideological bent to which they are possessed by in the current year.”

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