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Of Directives, Elections & New Directions: A Look at Where We Stand With Articles 11 * 13

We have been afforded a gap; a chink in the armor of the behemoth that stands before us, and I intend to do whatever I can to drive that gap as wide as possible. I will tear away the legislative obfuscation, and shine the light of truth upon the shabby and pathetic notions and presumptions that hold up this directive.

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The Case of E.S. v. Austria: What it Means for the Rights of Europeans

“ I have attempted to condense the rulings of the case to the best of my abilities, yet in doing so, the truth remains clear enough; a woman was convicted for insulting a religious doctrine. Now, of course that may not come as a terrible surprise to many, considering the absolute state of the EU at the moment, but when viewed under the light of scrutiny, it becomes even more disturbing what has been done.”

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