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Free Speech as an Action, not a Right: A Rebuttal

The very concept of freedom is, frankly, built around allowing the maximal autonomy of people to co-exist and solve their own problems. That you think this freedom should be stifled without providing any reasonable framework beyond having an authority decide, shows that you either fundamentally misunderstand the point of it, or you have a dearth of trust for the rest of humanity, in which case why should they trust you for advice on what should be done about speech?

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What Constitutes A Right? - A Nuanced Take on The Topic of Abortion

The point I am attempting to make clear is that there is no good side to this argument. No matter how you cut the cake on the issue of abortion, somebody winds up worse off for it. Everybody loses, and in the end, we all have our personal reasons to draw the line where we choose to draw it.

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