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Googlegate: The Trouble of Electoral Ethics and Hyper-partisan Hypocrisy

What we have now borne witness to, is an admission that Google is directly meddling with the information queried by users of its services in order to suppress certain viewpoints, questions, ideas, and speakers, particularly in the interest of affecting election results.

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The Unending Race to the Bottom: How Criticism is Framed as Harassment

This is the beginning of YouTube’s long death. The more milquetoast and boring it becomes, the more interesting that its competitors will inevitably be as a response, and the more resilient other platforms will become in the meantime to corporate control.

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A Call to Censorship: Christchurch Shooter Gets the Last Laugh

You can outlaw whatever scum and villainy off the face of the earth that you so desire, but your law means nothing if it cannot be enforced, and not only can this policy not be enforced, it will have effects that are in direct detriment to the goals it sets out to achieve if attempted. Hammering down on the distribution of these materials and opinions will, if anything, lead to them becoming a many-headed hydra that will take similarly Herculean efforts just to keep at bay.

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