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It's Time To Stop.

The longer this goes on, the worse things get, the more our society falls into disrepair. This continuation of constant zealous attack between those who are hellbent on ideological purity is making you easy prey for those on the outside. There are people who have studied what provokes an attack from you, and they’ve started using you as weapons in their own ideological war.

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The Christchurch Terrorist Shooting: Of Memes, The Media, and Manifestos

The terrorist in question is a sick individual touting a racial collectivist ideology, who, despite his claims that all of this has nothing to do with fame, seems to be attempting to make this incident as intentionally divisive as possible. This is not the time to give him what he wants.

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An Idiot’s Guide to Meme’ing a Candidate Into the White House

“…just a week or so after sitting democratic congressional representatives spat downward at a plan called the ‘Green New Deal’ in which Ms. Cortez seeks to establish a green and renewable energy plan (admirable to some people, including me) but also sneaking in legislation that clearly seeks to establish a progressive agenda aimed at stripping people’s freedoms of speech in order to protect specific classes based on race, sex, gender, etc.”

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