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Voting Vexation: The Complications of European Confederation

With the recent results of the European Parliament elections now announced, I, as a citizen of the Netherlands, wanted to take a opportunity to look at the differences in how elections work for this election cycle, and give insight into the sheer variety of different methods employed by countries in the European Union.

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The Vote is Nigh: The EU MEP Elections & You

For those who have been living under a rock of late, the elections for members of the European Parliament, or MEPs, are soon to be underway across Europe. Elections will be held from this Thursday, the 23rd, on through to Sunday the 26th, with dates that vary from country to country. This article will provide you information as to when the vote in question will be happening in your home state, and lists of candidates or parties available to vote on.

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Propaganda Postmortem - Breaking Down the Positions of Antifa: The Netherlands

“Here, the author makes it clear they see the world through the lens of ‘power’. The pretense they used to veil their calls to ‘scaring off’ fascists through ‘public humiliation’, which they once again apply to the person, not the ideas, has been dropped. They call for an attack, and call it ‘self-defence’. The author appears to be of the conviction that their ideas cannot possibly overcome those of the ‘fascists’ if freedom of expression is allowed, so they will need to take the ‘power’ that creates this imbalance away.”

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