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A Cry For Freedom: Hong Kong Protesters Demand Sufferage Amid Extradition Disputes

One can hardly wonder why a country, once democratic, would fight so openly against Communist subversion. Evidently, some feel their very rights and freedoms are threatened, and who can blame them after the Chinese government response to the Tiananmen Square protest of 1989, and their subsequent denial of the massacre that occurred?

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Ngo More Excuses: Antifa's Antagonism Laid Bare

To them, Ngo isn’t a liberal reporter, he’s a Nazi who wanted to make a martyr out of himself as a part of some grifting conspiracy to cash in on the assault. Perhaps that might be at all believable if there was any evidence whatsoever that he incited this attack, but from all footage available, it seems like he was minding his own business filming the events of the day as they played out, before he wound up in the situation he found himself in.

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