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Ngo More Excuses: Antifa's Antagonism Laid Bare

To them, Ngo isn’t a liberal reporter, he’s a Nazi who wanted to make a martyr out of himself as a part of some grifting conspiracy to cash in on the assault. Perhaps that might be at all believable if there was any evidence whatsoever that he incited this attack, but from all footage available, it seems like he was minding his own business filming the events of the day as they played out, before he wound up in the situation he found himself in.

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Pride and Passion Part IV - The Finale: Liberalism, The Republic, and Violence

‘A constitutional democracy is the best way for a free citizenry to maintain a state and resist tyranny.’ Forming a public, street-level militia, is inherently anti-democratic. No one has asked the Proud Boys to act on their behalf, and in fact the Proud Boys constant antagonistic behavior at Anti-Fa rallies and protests has led to a near constant negative interaction with them that sees the public safety in the area disappear. It creates a climate in which a state free from the threat of tyranny cannot exist as the inevitable result of escalating your efforts of ‘self defense’ against Anti-Fa will make military control, and further militarization of the police an inevitable measure that needs to be taken.

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Pride and Passion Part II: A Proud History

“Fourth degree – The Final step involves “a major fight for the cause,” McInnes said. “You get beat up, kick the crap out of Antifa” and possibly get arrested.”

When faced with the reality that this form of directive is a direct call for violence and illegal activity, Mr. McInnes back-tracked nearly 100% to assume a defensive roll for the Proud Boys, fitting with the public narrative that Proud Boys are never the aggressors in the political violence.

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