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Redefining the Political Spectrum: How Shifting Goal-Posts are Used to Slander

I am a socially liberal libertarian, whose views most closely align with Milton Friedman. I will not be told that because I hold these beliefs, I am somehow Hitler or the equivalent adjunct, least of all by someone whose fundamental ideological assumption starts off by positing that white people are in a superior position in society by virtue of their skin color.

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Turning over the Game Board: The Yellow Vests and the Price of Progress

This is a replacing of the premise from something specific and political to something deeper and human. Instead of playing into the political constructs of our system, they have rooted their position in their own agency. They have rejected politics as a form of morality, replacing it with their own existential agency. How can one twist the desire to survive, to live, into an ideological subversion? I am optimistic enough to believe one cannot. 

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