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MasterCard's Masters: How Radical Activists Force Payment Processors to Bend the Knee

Words have meaning. Framing matters. Lazy outrage activists like this use terms like “Far Right” to conjure an image of the most perverse, most hateful stereotype of a conservative they can manage in the heads of those they speak with, to smear and to straw-man the positions of their opponent with. They do this to fear-monger, without ever showing how the expressed views of the people they criticize are, indeed, what they claim they are, and for some reason people are still falling for it.

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Minding Your Business: Where Succeeds and Where it Fails

“While sharing so many similarities might seem like a huge positive, the average person seems to feel as though they find very little on this site that they can’t find elsewhere, usually on the several other sites they already use. This, generally speaking, leaves them disinterested in learning the ins and outs of a new social platform.”

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