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A Black Pigeon in the Coalmine: Corporate Censorship Casualties Continue Climbing

The question I must ask is: How many people, like Pigeon, are being censored via algorithm right now, without anyone but the creators and the small communities that follow them, to care about it? This on a platform supposedly about empowering creators and supporting free expression?

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The Unending Race to the Bottom: How Criticism is Framed as Harassment

This is the beginning of YouTube’s long death. The more milquetoast and boring it becomes, the more interesting that its competitors will inevitably be as a response, and the more resilient other platforms will become in the meantime to corporate control.

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The Best An Ad Can Get?: Why Social Media 'Trimmings' are just Spilled Milk

I am not outraged by Gillette, though I certainly question their decision. It seems like the kind of move a company could only make if they were completely out of touch with their own customers. That very reason, interestingly enough, is precisely why I began to question why they would do such a thing in the first place, because frankly, it seemed too stupid to believe.

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